Waterjet Cutting


Omax 80X Waterjet with Tilt-A-Jet with 6’x12′ Table

Some Benefits of Waterjet Cutting
A wide range of materials can be cut, including (…but not limited to) stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, composites, ceramics, wood, granite and marble with accuracy.
The water jet is environmentally friendly by comparison to other machines, because the water and garnet used to cut can be disposed of in the municipal waste stream, and no toxic fumes are produced during the cutting process.

Waterjet Cutting is chosen over other methods, because of it’s accuracy and speed. Lasers can melt fine metal details and leave a crusty hard edge.
They’re faster and less expensive than wire EDM.

From stone to steel, and marble to glass, there are countless materials a waterjet can cut through precision and accuracy.

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