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Since 1993…we have been providing excellent quality and competitive pricing on all of the services we offer.
We specialize in Waterjet Cutting Services, CNC Machining, and Metal Fabrication. However, we have the ability to make prototypes, short and long runs in many other areas too…like Stamping, Molding, and Composite Parts.
The management of Riverwest Engineering is committed to the pursuit of perfection in all areas of the organization. Working as a team with the involvement of employees, in the continuous quality improvement process Riverwest Engineering ensures that the company’s goals for quality and efficiency are met.
Riverwest Engineering’s objective is to maintain and to improve the quality of products and service, in order to meet and exceed customer needs as well as internal requirements. Riverwest Engineering’s management is committed to the safety of the company’s operations and, in particular, to the health and safety of its employees, customers and the public in general.
Our goal is to supply our customers with quality parts on time.


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Waterjet Cutting

Omax 80X Waterjet with Tilt-A-Jet with 6’x12′ Table

Some Benefits of Waterjet Cutting
A wide range of materials can be cut, including (…but not limited to) stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, composites, ceramics, wood, granite and marble with accuracy.
The water jet is environmentally friendly by comparison to other machines, because the water and garnet used to cut can be disposed of in the municipal waste stream, and no toxic fumes are produced during the cutting process.

Waterjet Cutting is chosen over other methods, because of it’s accuracy and speed. Lasers can melt fine metal details and leave a crusty hard edge.
They’re faster and less expensive than wire EDM.

From stone to steel, and marble to glass, there are countless materials a waterjet can cut through precision and accuracy.

Contact us with your  next custom project! Big or small, we treat each job with the same care and attention in a timely manner. We’re easy to work with, and can help you make your ideas a reality no matter what stage of development they may be in.

Send us a .dxf or .dwg file, indicate the material type,  thickness and quantity we can quote your job …

Metal Fabrication

36″ SQ. Truck Door Panel

We are innovative at tool design…we can make tooling at a fraction of what some traditional tool designs would cost.

Large Fabricated Parts
15ft Tall Fake Balcony “Logs” Going Out for Powdercoat


Fabricated Railing
Railing Ready for Paint


Ornamental Metal Work
Teller Cages for Casino


Custom Design and Fabrication
Players Club Custom Fabrication (We do not do installs)


Copper Panels
High Limit Area – Patina / Copper Panels Designed and Built by Riverwest Eng.


Fabricated Railing
Hotel “Faux Balcony and Railing”


Solidworks 3D Model
Solidworks 3D Assembly of “Faux Balcony”

CNC Machining


CNC Lathe and Mill
CNC Cell Area in Large Room


Turned Aluminum Parts
Solenoid Bodies


CNC Milled Part
Vacuum Form Mold Insert


CNC Parts
Example of Some Past CNC Parts

Welding / Robotic Welding


Welded Brackets
Large Brackets, Manually Welded


Robot Welded Parts
Welding Robot Production


Extension / Weldment
Grain Mill Agitator Extension…Fabricated at Riverwest, then Galvanized

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Former
Our LAMCO Vacuum Forming Machine


Aluminum Mold
We prefer making metal molds wherever possible, to ensure mold life and part quality


...includes Blower, Core and Controls
New Hagglund Heater Box
37lb Solid Bronze Handle (Right)
Replacement Solid Bronze Door Handles for Casino…originals on left kept breaking
Old Window
Original Marquette Univ. Wood Window Needing Replacement
Replacement Window Updated Design with Old Flair
New Custom Aluminum / Powder Coated Replacement Window



We will work on your project with you from concept development, preliminary design and layout, through final manufacturing. Our team of designers is on the leading edge of mechanical design and is equipped with the intuitive talents to carry out our clients’ requests.
Since 1993, Riverwest Engineering & Design offers a wide range of Precision Machining and CAD/CAM Services. We have the ability to quickly transfer your CAD data or drawings into three-dimensional machined reality. We offer a complete machine shop: from manufacturing of Prototypes, Custom Parts, and Fixtures…to CNC Milling and Turning, along with Mold Construction. Also equipped with CNC Sawing capabilities, we offer you competitive pricing on low to high volume production machining. Multiple machines allow us to accept a large volume of work while providing quick turn-around on every project.
Our Engineering Department works with the latest in 3D Computer Solid Modeling. Our Graphics Department along with a 3D Solid Model of your project can assist with designing your literature, marketing, and packaging needs.
Our commitment to offering the most complete product development services will continue to grow. We at Riverwest look forward in working with you to assist you with all your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call.

We manufacture our own brand of recycling containers and supplies…called Recycle Clear. Click here to check out these interesting and helpful products.



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